SUNNY SERVICE, as a leading IT service provider in China, provides a steady stream of power and cohesiveness to Sunshine people with its professional technical advantages, laying an important cornerstone for Sunshine’s business development。 All engineers will quickly grow into industry technical experts through a 6-layer training mechanism, become a member of the Sunshine Gold Engineer team, and gain promotion opportunities for management positions。 Here you can make the most of your personal potential and create endless possibilities。

Fresh student recruitment

The complete training mechanism allows everyone who joins the Sunshine family to grow rapidly. Comprehensive training helps you cope with the ever-changing changes in a closely connected and supportive work environment and maintain professional technical performance. You will have a very systematic career plan and be guided by experienced industry elites who will inspire you to develop your personal talents and help you master the cutting-edge technology of the industry.

Social recruitment

SUNNY SERVICE respects every employee and advocates 100% true self. Because we believe that everyone has their own uniqueness, it is your traits that will make you more powerful, add luster to us, and create new IT solutions and services. Come and share the most exciting ideas you have never had before!
The vision of Sunshine and Rain is to become China’s most valuable IT service provider. We are working hard to move closer to the dream step by step. At the moment, we look forward to your joining.

Internship Hiring

What you can gain is not just a collaborative work opportunity. Join us and the value you create is not limited to your job. Your fresh ideas, ways of doing things and charisma will inspire people around you to work and think from a more perspective. And vice versa, they will also encourage, support and guide you to use your innovative ability to express your unique insights and help clients achieve safe, stable and efficient IT construction, help them improve their office productivity, help their business, and also serve the community. And make a positive contribution to the entire economic system.